500 Common Words: Consonants

These are the 500 most common words in the English language, plus a few more. When you can master these common words we speak 70% of the time, you can greatly advance your pronunciation abilities. These words are great for beginners through advanced speakers.

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B and P soundsR: Open -ar
L: first letterR: Long -ar
L: letter combinationR: Long -or
Soft Th soundsSoft Th sounds
L: lastHard Th sounds
L: silentT as in Table
N sounds, in’ and -ing T = D
N, NK, NGT after N
R: first letterT before N
R: consonant letter comboT at the end
R: -ere/ear (long E) V as in Above
R: -ire (say IYR)W as in Always
R: -er/-ir/-urSilent v or w
R: -Y+ur sound

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