500 Common Words: Sounds With N: N, NK, NG

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For the “NK” sound, the back of the tongue presses and releases. For “NG,” the back of the tongue presses and remains there. any people are not accustomed to the NG. If it is difficult for you, try this experiment. Put your hand on a table. Now press down and lift your hand. Feel that force of movement. Now place your hand on the table. Press it against the table. Stop pressing. Lift it up. This is the different between G and NG. With G, there is a forceful movement and with NG, there is a simple release.

Use the video to listen and repeat common words.

The Words

(N sound)

thin, fin, win, ban, bin, sin, rinse, ran, hand, hun, min, din, dan, sand, lin, land, stint, sprint, clan, tan.

(NK sound)

think, fink, wink, bank, blink, sink, rinks, rank, hank, hunk, mink, dink, dank, sank, link, lanky, stink, sprinkle, clank, tank.

(NG sound)

thing, fling, wing, bang, bing, sing, rings, rang, hang, hung, ming, ding, dang, sang, -ling, langely, sting, spring, clang, tang.

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