500 Common Words: Sounds With N: in’ , -ing

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An “-ing” ending is used regularly in central, northern, and western areas. “Ing” is considered professional speech. Americans use “in” regularly (instead of -ing) if they live in the south–this ending is part of the southern dialect. People outside of the south may use “in” for informal speech, especially young people. In this case, a person may say “ing” sometimes and “in” at other times, depending on the situation.

Use the video to listen and repeat common words.

The Words

(in’ ending)

happenin’, plannin’, farmin’, startin’, standin’, laughin’, callin’, drawin’, fallin’, partin’, talkin’, walkin’, wantin’, watchin’, developin’, endin’, gettin’, helpin’, interestin’, buildin’.

(-ing ending)

happening, planning, farming, starting, standing, laughing, calling, drawing, falling, parting, talking, walking, wanting, watching, developing, ending, getting, helping, interesting, building.

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