What We Teach

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Erica and her tutors work together to provide excellent English language training for professionals. We have open times throughout weekdays and on the weekends.

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We help you take your English skills to the next level of fluency with focused, results-oriented training.

Our English Class Packages have everything you need:

  • Pre and post assessments. We get data-driven results! View our case studies here.
  • Online English Courses. Any course needed for your training is free for your use during your training time.
  • One-to-one classes with a tutor. This is key! You need feedback and focused, regular training to improve your speech. Our tutors are well-qualified, and they use our online courses which were developed from years of experience with speakers from around the world.
  • Group trainings too! When you buy a class package, you can join any group training class. Double your training time, meet other people who are improving their speech and get your questions answered! Group classes are optional, of course, but they are a great way to supplement your training and get results.

Accent Reduction

Any accent can be reduced with practice. You just need a good assessment and a great training course to improve your understanding and provide you with plenty of listening and speaking practice. Our 750 Business Words course has been praised by hundreds of professionals, and our trainers will give you focused instruction and honest feedback. We aim for results!

Spoken Grammar Training

Everyone learns English grammar, but usually for reading and writing, not speaking. To improve your spoken grammar, you need to find out which grammar points are missing in your speech. Then you need systematic practice with a good trainer. We frequently help people speak with the right verb tenses or improve their use of little words like a, an, the, in, on, or at.

Customized Training

Work on both accent reduction and spoken grammar training or work on vocabulary, idioms or TOEFL prep. You can even bring your work documents or work-related articles, and we’ll help you pronounce the words or use the sentences to model grammar patterns. Classes are customized for you!

Starting with the pre-test, Erica helped me find out my common mistakes in speaking and set them as targets for the two month courses. We went through vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and a lot of practicing. And I am now more confident in speaking in English.”.

–F.W., a Taiwanese student

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