500 Common Words: W as in Always / Silent v or w

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W is the sound you make on your lips. Your lips start in an O shape, move in and then move outward. 

In American English, V and F are similar, yet opposite. V vibrates, and F does not. We have no interchange between V and W spellings and sounds. They are separate, distinct sounds.

Use the video to listen and repeat common words.

The Words

W sounds

always, between, flower, power, wait, walk, want, war, warm, watch, water, way, we, web, weight, well, went, were, west, what, wheel, when, where, which, while, white, why, will, wind, wing, with, woman, women, wonder, wood, word, world, would.

Silent v or w

answer, draw, grow, know, low, own, saw, show, slow, snow.

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