Case Studies

At Speak Method, we make sure your spoken English improves. On your first day, we get a 15-minute recording of your speech. We do this by asking you simple questions about your work and hobbies. On your last day, we get another recording. Again, we ask you questions. The results show your true improvement.

Speech is spontaneous. You cannot prepare for it. By using the above method, we measure how your actual, spontaneous speech improves. And we strive for real results!

The names have been removed to protect privacy, but these are actual before and after results. You can see how much honest feedback you will receive and how much your speech will change!

All of the words noted have at least one missed pronunciation sound. All of the sentences shown have at least one missed grammar point.

This student reduced errors in pronunciation from 81 to 29 in only 2 months!

This student reduced errors in pronunciation from 69 to 38.

This student focused on grammar. In the first eval, he made mistakes in 20 sentences. In the second, it was only 8.

This is a continuing student who focused on pronunciation in his first classes and then switched to grammar. You can see that his pronunciation mistakes dropped from 71 to 47. Then, when he focused on grammar, he had a slight uptick in pronunciation errors, but not much, and his grammar mistakes dropped from 18 to 8.

This student reduced pronunciation errors from 93 to 62.

This student reduced pronunciation mistakes from 93 to 54–an excellent result!

We have many more! These are realistic results of students who took classes either once or twice a week and practiced with our online courses* between classes. Some people believe that changing their pronunciation is impossible. It’s not! You can do it with systematic practice. The key is having a method, a strategy that works. The same is true in grammar.

* Please note: Most of our courses are on, a site started years ago 🙂 To be more mobile-friendly, we are currently migrating to this one.