Meet the Tutors

Evan Poholchuk has a B.S. in Linguistics and a B.A. in French as well as formal training in Phonetics and IPA. He loves listening to the sounds in words and helping people to improve their pronunciation. He is also certified in TESOL and is proficient in all aspects of language learning. Evan is available in the mornings to afternoons on most weekdays with some open times toward the evening and also on weekends. Schedule a consultation.

“I absolutely love my classes with Evan!” –Artem

Joseph Smith has a background in Communications and Music. He has experience teaching practical English skills to non-native speakers. With his musical background, he has expertise in clear pronunciation as well as fundamental vocal skills such as breath support and tone variation. Joseph is available in the early mornings through 2:00 or 3:00pm on weekdays Pacific time. Schedule a consultation.

“Everything has been great. The classes with Joseph really helped a lot!” –YT

Erica Rosi is the owner of Speak Method Pro. She has been teaching English language skills for 20 years. She designed the 750 Business Words pronunciation course and has been working with professionals in the IT industry for the last fifteen years. Her clients have ranged from software programmers at Amazon, Google and other tech companies to the CEOs of start-ups. She has helped professionals prepare for presentations and Ted Talks. Erica charges a higher rate for classes and currently has a one-month wait list. Schedule a consultation.