500 Common Words: T at the end = Stopped T as in About

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T at the end: stopped T (tongue goes to the roof of the mouth, but no sound or very small sound). Americans also reduce T’s through the stopped T sound. We use this when a word ends in a vowel + T or NT as in greatbudget, or document and when this is the last word in a phrase or sentence. To make this sound, put your tongue in the T position, but do not make the T. Simply stop the sound. Like the T and N rules, Americans use the stopped T all the time, especially in common expressions like that’s great! However, a light T sound is used when needing to be clear.

Use the video to listen and repeat common words.

The Words

about, at, boat, brought, but, complete, cut, don’t, eat, feet, foot, front, get, got, great, heat, hot, it, late, let, light, lot, might, minute, night, note, out, part, plant, point, port, put, right, sent, short, start, street, thought, wait, went.

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