500 Common words:T = D between Vowel Sounds, as in Water

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This is the most important T sound rule. When T comes between two vowel sounds and is not stressed, the T becomes a D sound. This happens in many words, such as water, strategy, and data. This rule also works in phrases with T as the last letter, yet between vowel sounds, as in what if, put off, or at all. There are a few exceptions, like protein, protest, and politics, but generally, this rule works very well.

Use the video to listen and repeat common words.

The Words

about a = (abouda), at a = (ada), beauty = (byoodee), better = (bedr), bottle = (bodul), city = (cidee), eat a = (eada), get a = (geda), got a = (goda), great idea = (greadidea), hot afternoon = (hodafternoon), it is = (idis), letter = (leder), lettuce = (ledus), light a (lighda), little = (lidl), lot a = (loda), lot of = (lodof), notice = (nodis), out of = (oudof or ouda), pattern = (padrn), put a = puda, quarter = (quardr), that a = (thada), wait a = (waida), water = (wadr), what a = (whada), what I = (whad-I), write a = (wrida), yet a = (yeda), yet I = (yed-I), computer = (compudr), saturday = (sadurday), university = (universidy), thirty = (thirdy), forty = (fordy), seventy = (sevendy), eighty = (eighdy), ninety = (ninedy).

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