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Pre-testing and Measuring Progress
Unit 1: Basic American English Sounds
IntroductionLesson 1
Basic T sounds
Lesson 2
-ATE and Final T
Lesson 3
F, V, TH Sounds
Lesson 4
J, CH, NG, NK, B, P

Lesson 5
S, Z, SH and ZH
Unit 1 Review
Unit 2: Pronounce R, L, and More
Lesson 6
W and QU Sounds
Lesson 7
R and L Sounds
Lesson 8
The Schwa Sound
Lesson 9
The Schwa with R
Lesson 10
The Schwa with L
Unit 2
Unit 3: American English Vowel Sounds
Lesson 11
OI, OU, Ow
Lesson 12
O Sounds
Lesson 13
U Sounds
Lesson 14
A Sounds
Lesson 15
AR and OR
Lesson 16
E Sounds
Lesson 17
I Sounds
Unit 3
Unit 4: Pronounce Linking and Final Sounds
Lesson 18
Linking Vowels
Lesson 19
Y Sounds
Lesson 20
X Sounds
Lesson 21
Lesson 22
Last Letters
Lesson 23
-ED Sounds
Unit 4
Post-test Script
Create new recordings to evaluate your progress.

Written Assessment
Answer these questions again to evaluate your progress
Supplemental Practice
Business-Related Speaking Questions: Apply What You Have Learned

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