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American Business Culture: Listening

Listening is a skill that people often forget to employ. We sometimes allow “listening” to simply be “hearing,” but the listening skill is necessary for strong communication. You can use clarifying comments or questions to help yourself listen to others in a thorough way.

Clarifying Comments and Questions

“So from your perspective, you are saying that ….”

“Let me see if I understand you …”

“I think I see where you’re going, but let me see if I understand you …”

“Along the same lines, I recently …”

“I see what you’re saying about _____________, but I’m unclear about ________________. Can you explain that some more?”

“I agree with ________________, but I’m not sure about ______________.  Can you tell me more about it?

“Do you see those as opposing ideas? Or do they go together in your mind?”

Your Listening Posture

When you intend to listen to others, use some physical cues. Meet the other person’s eyes. Perhaps lean toward the person slightly. Avoid having a particular “listening pose,” though. Often those who adopt a pose are the worst listeners. Your listening posture should be natural and should help you to listen carefully. 

1. Are you a good listener? Explain why or why not.

2. Do you know anyone who is a bad listener? If so, describe this person.

3. Do you use statements like those above to clarify your understanding? What is a statement that you commonly use?

4. What is your listening posture? In other words, when you are listening very carefully, what is your body language? 

5. Do you hope to improve your listening skills in the future? Or are you content with the listening skills that you have now?
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