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American Business Culture: Hierarchy

If your manager appears to be informal, remember that this is part of American business culture.

The appearance of informality is a modern cultural way to encourage creative productivity. Your manager wants to know your ideas and those of your coworkers because these may help the company move forward.

In the American office, you are walking the fine line between being informal and formal. You speak to the manager on a first-name basis. You make small talk with the manager about everyday things. You have some work team jokes. However, when a decision has been made by the manager, you prove your worth by respecting it.

The best employee is one who decreases the level of work for the manager. You can prove yourself to be an asset by contributing to an efficient and positive team.

Overall, even though many 
Americans do not demonstrate hierarchy through names or mannerisms, it is an important aspect of any workplace.

1. Is your culture hierarchical? Are there clear lines between employees, managers, and executives? Describe your culture’s hierarchy in some detail.

2. Do you believe in hierarchy? Do you think it is necessary at all? If not, why not? If so, to what extent do you think it is needed?

3. What is your current level in terms of your workplace’s hierarchy? Are you happy at this level? Why or why not?

4. Do you aspire to move higher up the ladder? Why or why not?

5. In your culture’s society (beyond the business world), is hierarchy a part of everyday life? Describe how hierarchy impacts your society.
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