X Sounds Diagram and Explanation

X Sounds

The letter has 2 sounds. Most of the time, when X is next to a consonant or is the last letter, it has the standard KS sound, as in extreme or index. However, X usually has a softer sound when it comes between two vowel sounds. It sounds like GZ, as in example or exist. In fact, the word luxury is very unique. The X sounds like GZH.

Since you have studied sound pairs, you should see that K is to G as S is to Z. The KS sound is strong and the GZ sound is more relaxed. So basically, you are just creating a softer, smoother tone when X comes between vowel sounds.

This rule works in most words, but there are exceptions. In maximize and exercise, the X sounds like KS. This is also true in the names Texas and Mexico.
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