Word Stress in Formal Sentences

X Sounds: Formal Word Stress in Sentences

As you repeat the following sentences, practice the main techniques of word stress:

stress important words
reduce small words
speak in phrases and pause between phrases
let words flow together

Use the video to listen and repeat.
Being an Example

1. She wants to be a great example to her teenage daughter.
2. Once a week, she lets her daughter examine some of her work.
3. In this way, she shows her daughter how much energy she has to exert to do her work.
4. She also shows her daughter the family expenses and revenue.
5. She wants her daughter to avoid extravagant spending.
6. She encourages her daughter to exercise regularly.
7. Her daughter is gaining many healthy experiences.
8. Her son has excellent grades, but he is only eight years old.
9. She plans to exert her business influence on him when he is older.
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