Last Letter Pronunciation

If a word ends in a consonant combination like ST, CT, FT, SK or PT, you do need to speak both sounds in order to have clear speech. The final sound happens quickly, but it should be there.
Practice with these words: broadcast, cost, last, first, act, fact, contract, defect, project, Microsoft, risk, task, and apt. 

You can also practice with many words that have the -ed ending that sounds like T, as in released, risked, leased, worked, licensed, focused, reduced, processed, researched, launched, browsed, outsourced, locked, merged, progressed, or flourished

There is one major exception. If the next word starts with the same letter, the last letter-first letter rule applies. Remember that this rule can be used during a formal speech, though it is not necessary. You can also choose to speak the sound twice if addressing a large audience.

Examples: last time, first time, cost to, broadcast time, Microsoft training, apt to, risk causation.

Informal Speech

When people speak quickly, the final T might become silent when followed by th, as in select the model or accept the cost

During informal speech, the Final T might also be silent when followed by S, as in he acts like that sometimes or the facts haven’t been finalized.
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