-AGE and -ACE Diagram and Explanation

-AGE and -ACE Endings

When –age and –ace are endings in longer words, they sound like ij and is respectively. Basically a short I as in sit and a J sound for -age or an S sound for –ace

Please do not confuse this pronunciation with the standard long A sound in short, one-syllable words like page, rage, race and space. The A will only become a short I sound in longer words like heritageleveragesurface, and menace. 

This is a reduction in sound. Usually sounds reduce to a schwa, but with these spellings, the A is reduced to a short I. 

This same rule applies to similar ending –edge and –ege endings in words like knowledge and privilege. These words sound like no-lij and priv-lijrespectively. You will notice that Americans usually drop the middle syllable in privilege.
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