AR and OR Sounds Diagram and Explanation

AR Sounds

AR Sounds

When AR is in the beginning or middle of a word, it can have 2 sounds, either Long A + R, as in air, or Open A + R, as in are. There is no good spelling rule, so you have to check the pronunciation of new words.

In just a few words, AR sounds like OR (Long O + R), as in waraward and quarter.

AR and OR

Both AR and OR are used as endings or are part of endings (like –ard). As endings, they usually have a schwa sound, the same ur sound as above.  The words forwarddollarauthor and visitor have the same sound at the end. 

One common exception is the ending –ary which has a long A sound, as in voluntary or monetary.

OR Sounds

OR Sounds

OR usually has a Long O + R sound if it is in the beginning or middle of a word, as in order, forcemore and information

Occassionally, OR will reduce to ur if it is not on the stress. In corporation, the first OR is Long O + R and the second OR is ur. As stated above, the OR ending usually sounds like ur too. 
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