A Sounds: Formal Word Stress in Sentences

Rule 1: Use “a” when a singular noun is mentioned for the first time.
Rule 2: Use “a” when you could say “one” or to distinguish one from a group.
Rule 3: Use “the” for a singular noun that has already been mentioned or that is known due to regular use or the context. 
Examples: A bird picked up a feather. The feather was brown and white, like the bird. 🙂
I love this coffee, and the cup is nice and deep. — the cup is understood from context
Rule 4: Use “the” with plural nouns.
Rule 5: Use “the” when the noun is made definite by a prepositional phrase. Example: The walls in this room need to be painted. 

Memorize set phrases. Some prepositions add a particular meaning to a word, and these have to be memorized.
Use “for” to indicate “for the purpose of” or “for whom.” 
Use “of” to show relationship or possession.

Use “to” when connecting two verbs.
Game Plan

1. We have only 3 days to develop the platform for our project.
2. We need a strong game plan.
3. Jack has created our framework so that the project matches the company’s brand.
4. Sheila–you can keep us on track by creating a graph of our assets and daily status.
5. Jason–you’re in charge of gauging any faulty steps and monitoring our standards.
6. Alice, Carl, and Ben–you’re in charge of dynamic program development.
7. Always remember that the program should create no hassles for the consumer.
8. It should generate valuable traffic.
9. As the authors of this project, we need to access a broad range of users.
10. This range should be plausible, but ambitious.
11. Do we need more time to brainstorm?
12. Great! Let’s be ready to launch on Thursday.

Practice with Articles

Answer the speaking questions to practice each rule. Examples are below.

Rules 1 and 3
1. What is something you saw yesterday? Describe it. 
2. Talk about an article or book you read. What was it about? How did you like it? 

Rule 2
3. What is a specific goal that you have? 
4. What is a habit you would like to break?

Rules 4 and 5
5. What were the goals that you had for 2020 last January?
6. Describe a room of your home using the + noun + prepositional phrase.

Practice with Prepositions

7. When you are tired or have low energy, who or what keeps you on track?
8. In your house, who is in charge of the dishwasher? (or another task/routine)
9. When making a choice, do you prefer a wide range of options or not?
10. When you take care of your health, for what or whom do you do it? (for the purpose of or for whom)
11. Think of an author or creator and describe what that person writes or creates. Example: She’s an author of children’s stories.
12. Do you create graphs or spreadsheets of data?
13. What is one thing that you have to do today?
14. Think about a friend or relative. What does this person need to do, in your opinion?
15. What is something you are ready to do? 

Examples–use these examples to understand sentence constructions.

1. I saw a funny video on YouTube. The video was about lovebirds playing volleyball. 
2. I read an article about staying sane in 2020. The article was so bad, I wrote 217 unique comments. (haha)
3. A goal I have is to finish my jigsaw puzzle this year.
4. A habit I would like to break is watching videos of commentators who agree with my views. 
5. The goals I had last January were business-related and did not change, since I have an online business. 
6. The living room of my home has a large window. The curtains in front of the window are made of a light, transparent fabric. 
7. When I’m tired, my plans for the day keep me on track.
8. In my house, my husband is in charge of the dishwasher because I rarely use it. 
9. I prefer a small to moderate range of options. A wide range is confusing to me.
10. I take care of my health for the sake of my loved ones. 
11. I used to have a friend who was a creator of art installations. 
12. I have a spreadsheet of my business hours to help me see if I am spending my time well.
13. I have to finish writing English exercises.
14. My brother needs to eat a heart-healthy diet.
15. I’m ready to celebrate Christmas. I have not started buying gifts, but I am ready to enjoy celebrating. 
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