Word Stress in Sentences Casual

U Sounds: Casual Word Stress in Sentences

Here we will practice the same sentences, but more casually. When speaking this way, you will use less stress, pause less often and let the words flow together more. 

When you see “same,” this means that there are no extra points of casual English in the sentence. In other sentences, the extra points are shown. New points in this lesson are:

Who = oo (can drop the H sound when it’s mid-sentence)
about executives = aboud’executives
help people = helpeople (speak the P one time)
Way to influence = way d’ influence (to is between vowels)
1. (same) The company gave a presentation on communicating with coworkers.
2. (same) The three speakers were both humorous and engaging.
3. They said thet rule number 1‘s to maintain a neutral attitude.
4. Rule number 2‘s to evaluate the right formula for communicating with each personality type.
5. Rule number 3‘s to choose to walk away from a furious person or someone’oo makes you furious.
6. They included some funny stories aboud’executives behaving ridiculously.
7. Their presentation was quite stimulating, and it gave a boost to ar team.
8.I figured out a new way d’ influence one of my coworkers.
9. (same) I genuinely think it might work.
10. It’s great when speakers can helpeople remember their humanity.
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