Word Stress in Sentences Formal

O Sounds: Formal Word Stress in Sentences

As you repeat the following sentences, practice the main techniques of word stress:
stress important words
reduce small words
speak in phrases and pause between phrases
let words flow together

Use the video to listen and repeat.
Business Conference

1. Next week, there will be a motivational business conference at the Holiday Inn.
2. The main speaker will be one of the co-founders of a major technology company.
3. Even though he has a great voice, he keeps a low profile. 
4. The conference was organized by the city to promote confidence in business.
5. It will focus on the pro’s and con’s of online business models.
6. It will cover new techniques in user-friendly browsing and downloading.
7. It will also cover power issues and choices in outsourcing.
8. Several politicians may also speak about local and federal policies.
9. One of the goals is to bolster the city’s interaction with local business.
10. It is well-organized–the schedule provides a lot of time for social networking.
11. If you want to go, we need to respond to the invitation today.
12. We can also start posting on the blog to meet people beforehand.
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