The -AL, Le, and -EL Diagram and Explanation

AL, EL, and LE

When these spellings come at the beginning or middle of words, they have regular vowel sounds.

When these spellings come at the end of words, they have the same sound. The words trialable and label end in the same sound. This is ul, the simple schwa sound + L. 

Notice that le is an old spelling, so it also sounds like ul. Sometimes le comes after a vowel sound, as in rule or male. You can still hear the small u sound in these words–this sound happens as we transition from the vowel to the L, as in roo(u)l or ma(u)l. It is a small sound. You may also hear this slight schwa sound in words that end in a long vowel + L, as in feel or mile.  

Remember: this ul sound occurs in endings. If AL, EL or LE occurs in the beginning or middle of a word, you will usually hear an A or E sound. 

The ending IL is usually ul as well, but this ending is more rare. An example is the word evil (ee-vul).
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