O Sounds Diagram and Explanation

O sounds

The Short O Sound: Create this sound by opening your jaw and keeping your lips relaxed. In many languages, this sound is spelled with an A. It is the same as the Open A sound in father. 

Spellings for the Short O: Like all short vowel sounds, the spellings tend to be simple (no silent vowels near the O). However, be careful because an O spelling often has the schwa sound, especially on unstressed syllables.

The Long O Sound: For this sound, the lips are lightly rounded and slightly forward. 

Note: Some languages use this basic position, but the lips are more forward and the sound is tighter. People from these languages should practice letting the lips be more relaxed and creating more openness in the O sound.

Spellings for the Long O: Common spellings are oa, ow, or, ol, and o_e, as in goalloworderold and zone respectively. However, many words do have a long O sound and do not use any of these spellings. With the letter O, it is always best to check the pronunciation.

Double O: We included OO here because the spelling is common. The two sounds of OO are actually U sounds. Get more practice with Lesson 13.
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