-AL, LE, and -EL Words Start Practicing!

AL, LE, EL, and IL

These words have stress on the 1st syllable.


The -il ending is not used as often, but it has the same sound as the endings above, the –ul sound. Examples are evil and pencil

Words with the -al ending that have stress on the 2nd syllable: historically, original, potential, specifically, upheaval and withdrawal

Stress the 3rd syllable: hypothetically.

Note: the –cally ending usually sounds like –klee. The A sound is very reduced.

Exceptions: As with most rules, the sound is not reduced if it falls on the stress, as in clientelle and parallel. The word parallel is usually stressed on the first syllable nowadays, but in its original form, it was stressed on the 3rd syllable. Stressing the 3rd syllable is still acceptable today also. 

Note on L after Long Vowels: You will also hear a small u sound (as in up) when a word ends in a long vowel + L as in saleheal and juvenile. This is a transitional sound that naturally occurs before a final L. Think sa(u)l, hee(u)l and juveni(u)l

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