Word Stress in Sentences Casual

The Schwa Sound: Casual Word Stress in Sentences

Here we will practice the same sentences, but more casually. When speaking this way, you will use less stress, pause less often and let the words flow together more. 

When you see “same,” this means that there are no extra points of casual English in the sentence. In other sentences, the extra points are shown. 

Consumer Trends

1. We’ve developed a list of consumer trends thet can affect ar company.
2. Today, we’ll summarize ar findings.
3. (same) A popular buzzword right now’s “appeal.”
4. Consumers among each age group need products thet attend to their needs.
5. Young people needt’see humor and attractiveness.
6. Middle-aged people ‘r looking for both convenience and material value.
7. (same) Retired people tend to prefer unpretentious products.
8. (same) All age groups appreciate encouragement and recognition.
9. We’ll be front runners in business if we can balance appeal and function.
10. Thanks for yr efforts and hard work.
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