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Business Questions

Practice these questions with your instructor. Use them to discover pronunciation and grammar tips for your everyday business vocabulary.

The Company, Agency, or Business

1. What is your workplace’s mission statement? If you do not know it, what is it approximately? In other words, what does your workplace believe in or try to accomplish?

2. Is your workplace currently doing well or is there some risk?

3. If you could change one thing about your workplace, what would it be? 

4. How is the environment at your workplace? Is it formal or informal and how so?

5. Where do you see your workplace 5 years from now?

1. How many conferences do you attend per year? What is the purpose of each conference?

2. Have you ever given a presentation at a conference? If so, describe it.

3. Think of the last conference you attended. What was the situation? Describe that conference in detail. Where was it held? 
Did you like the accommodations? How was your daily schedule? Was it exciting/boring/average–why?

4. Think of all the conferences you have attended. 
Describe both the best and the worst meeting/lecture that you have attended.

5. What is the next conference that you plan to attend? Are you looking forward to it? Why or why not?

1. Do you consider yourself good at networking? Why or why not?

2. Have you improved in your networking skills during the course of your career? If so, how?

3. In what ways do you network? Do you go to after-work socials? Do you go to lunch with different teammates? What exactly do you do?

4. When people see you, what do you think they see? For instance, do you come across as very serious or very social? 

5. What are your future goals for networking? Are there people that you want to get to know? Or skills that you want to develop?
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