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Expressions from the TV Show The Middle

Watch the above video and practice these expressions from The Middle. All of these came from the November 20th episode.

As you repeat the expressions, try to mimic the casual speech. Listen for reduced T’s and reduced small words (like toandfor). Also, think about how words flow together in phrases.

What are you up to?What are you doing?
–can be general, neutral
–can be assuming that the person plans to deceive or cheat
What’s your game?What are you planning to do?
You can’t just tell them …
You gotta lay the groundwork.
lay the groundwork — do some things to prepare for a future situation
On the way home, I’ll get them on my side.
* I’ll ge’dum on my side.
get someone on your side — to get someone to agree with you
them often reduces to ‘um and if we say get’um, the T will sound like a D
It’s not really a big deal.It’s not important.
This is a disaster!This is terrible.
You still couldn’t pull it off?You still could not do it well?
pull it off — to do well, i.e. The party was great. She really pulled it off!
You left me hangin’ out there!You did not support me in the conversation.
left me hanging — gave no support
out there — indicates any other place–another room or location
The party wasn’t ending fast enough.suggests that people were not enjoying the party
this itty bitty thingthis very small person
We’re not talkin’ about me anymore.
We’re talkin’ about you.
this is a good phrase for using ‘in — it’s more natural to use ‘in than -ing
It’s your life.You are responsible for yourself (others are not responsible for you).
It’s up to you from now’s up to you — you have to make your decisions
from now on — now and  in the future
It’s a pretty safe bet that …It’s probably true that … 
It’s the thought that counts.What the person intended matters more than what the person did.
People often say this (humorously) with gifts that seem strange or unappealing.
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