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Compare the Relaxed U to Similar Sounds

The Relaxed U Sound is great for perfecting American English. Firstly, many people do not perfect this sound overseas. Secondly, it helps you to develop the American point of resonance.

What is the point of resonance?

This is the place where sound occurs in the mouth. In American English, the point of resonance is in the middle of the mouth. In other languages, however, it is in the front or back of the mouth. As a good example, British English occurs in the front of the mouth.

Why does the relaxed U help with the point of resonance?

To perfect this sound, you need to relax the face including the jaw. The relaxed U is fairly close to the Schwa sound. There is just a little bit of positioning within the mouth similar to the U position. Use this chart to perfect the sound. Then continue to relax your face when you speak American English. This basic relaxed position will help you to perfect all American sounds.

Compare and Perfect the Relaxed U Sound
Short OSchwaLong URelaxed U
potput (golf)computeput
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