Relaxed U in Good: Questions, Member Pages

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Practice the Relaxed U Sound

Answer the questions using the Relaxed U sound in your answer.

1. What is your favorite book (or one of your favorites)? Why do you like this book? What kinds of books do you like to read lately?

2. If you could travel anywhere this year, where would you go?

3. Do you have any foot problems? For example, do you have soreness in one foot or ankle sometimes?

4. When you’re eating a meal, do you get full easily or do you have to wait to find out if you are full?

5. If someone needs to call you, what is a good time to reach you by phone?

6. How many times have you looked in the mirror today?

7. If you need to get something done and you have good contacts, will you pull strings?*

8. Before this class began, where did you put down your things?

9. Name three things that you really should do this week. 

10. When was the last time you stood in line at a store?

11. What was the last exam or competency test that you took?

12. Do you have a favorite type of wood? Or do you know nothing about wood?

13. Would you help a stranger in need? Describe a time when you would help someone and also another time when you would not. Explain your reasons.
Pull strings is an idiom which means to use networking connections to help a friend or colleague or get something done.
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