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Pronunciation of Numbers

Listen to the videos to practice some common numbers that our private students often need.


thirty, forty, seventy, ninety
one, once
a hundred
one hundred
million, billion, trillion
1.2 million


thur-ree — give yourself time to move from TH to R
tweny — T is usually silent
the T’s have a D sound
wun, wuns
DO-lur – use a short O as  in hotand reduce the A
u-hundred — A has a short U sound (the schwa)
u hundred ‘n wun
wun hundred ‘n wun
wun hundred wun
wun oh wun
u hundred ‘n tweny 
wun hundred ‘n tweny
wun hundred tweny
wun tweny
three hundred ‘n wun
three hundred wun
three oh wun
mil-yun, bil-yun, tril-yun
wun point too mil-yun
fourteen ninety-five
use for casual English
debt — the B is silent


three, thirteen, thirty
twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three
thirteen, thirty, fourteen, forty, seventeen, seventy, nineteen, ninety
We meet once a week.
That’ll be 20 dollars and 75 cents.
It’s twenty-seventy-five.*
*most common use when there is change, but sometimes people say it the long way.
It’s a hundred dollars.
It’s one hundred dollars.
* note the difference in stress
It’s a hundred and one dollars.
It’s one hundred and one dollars.
It’s one hundred one dollars.
The appartment number is 101.
It’s a hundred and twenty dollars.
it’s one hundred and twenty dollars.
it’s one hundred twenty dollars.
Her address is 120 East Main Street.
That’ll be three hundred and one dollars.
That’ll be three hundred one dollars.
Go to suite 301.
They’re millionaires.
He’s a billionaire.
That house costs 1.2 million dollars.
It’s $14.95.
That’ll be fourteen dollars and ninety-five cents.
What do I owe you?
You owe me five bucks.
Many people have credit card debt.

Ordinal Numbers: Practice with TH

Watch the video and repeat. Remember that you make the TH sound by placing your tongue under your upper teeth. If the tongue touches the top of your mouth, you will make a D or Z sound instead. When TH is last, it can be hard to hear because the sound is quite soft. So make sure you have the correct positioning. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th … 20th, 30th … 100th, 1000th

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