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Business Questions

Practice these questions with your instructor. Use them to discover pronunciation and grammar tips for your everyday business vocabulary.


1. What products or services does your workplace offer?

2. How does your workplace market these products or services? Explain the main marketing strategy. 
Then explain one or two additional marketing techniques.

3. Are you involved in marketing? 

4. Are you expected to keep marketing needs in mind as you work?

5. What image does your workplace try to present?

6. Do you think your workplace is successful in presenting this image to people? Why or why not?

7. Does your workplace compete with another company/agency? If so, which one?

8. Is your workplace competing successfully at present? Why or why not?

9. Do you think that your workplace should try a new marketing method? If so, what?

10. Looking toward the future, how do you think most companies will market their goods and services 10 years from now?

1. Describe one coworker who has excellent work habits or a great manner with others.  What qualities does this person have?

2. Describe one coworker who sometimes has difficulties finishing projects or participating well on the team. How might this person improve?

3. Are you on a team or part of a larger department? Do you think your team or department is working well at present? 
Why or why not?

4. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a coworker’s personality, perhaps excessive competitiveness or a tendency to workplace politics?

5. If you did have difficulty working with someone, what would you do? 

6. If you had to facilitate a meeting with two coworkers who openly disagreed, what would you do? 

7. Who do you report to? How many levels are there between you and the CEO?

8. What is one distinctive quality that your lead/manager/executive has? Is this a trait that you would like to acquire? Why or why not? 

9. If this person has one flaw, what is it? Do you think this flaw has a plus side? 
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