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Business Questions

Practice these questions with your instructor. Use them to discover pronunciation and grammar tips for your everyday business vocabulary.

Being Interviewed

1. How many times have you been interviewed?

2. Describe the interview that led to your current job. What happened? 

3. What are your strengths when you interview? 

4. Describe the best interview you ever gave (if it’s different from number 2).

5. What are your weaknesses when you interview? 
Describe an interview that did not go well.

6. Describe a hypothetical question used in your career. 
Give an example of how you would answer it.

7. What is one of the hardest interview questions that you have been asked? Why was it hard? How did you answer it? 

8. What is the hardest interview process you have ever experienced? For instance, describe a process that led to a third/fourth interview or an all-day interview. 
How did you feel during the different stages of the process?

1. Have you ever given an interview or participated in hiring someone? What was your role?

2. What are a few questions that you asked? Why did you ask these questions? Did you feel they were appropriate afterward or did you have second thoughts?

3. Describe the best interviewee. What qualities did this person possess?

4. Describe the worst interviewee. What caused this person to make a negative impression?

5. How did you (or your interview group) make the final determination? What did you consider in making this choice?

6. Did you enjoy being the interviewer (or part of the interview group)? Why or why not?
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