Word Stress in Sentences Casual

R and L Sounds: Casual Word Stress in Sentences
Here we will practice the same sentences but more casually. When speaking this way, you will use less stress, pause less often and let the words flow together more. 

When you see “same,” this means that there are no extra points of casual English in the sentence. In other sentences, the extra points are shown. An interesting point in this lesson is:

Invite everyone = invid’everyone
of vulnerability = uvvulneraability (u = u in up)
1. My job was to determine the top five competing companies in ar area.
2. Each company’s represented in the cluster diagram.
3. (same) To analyze competitve levels, I selected multiple relevant factors.
4. (same) First, I analyzed the leadership, salaries, sales and profit.
5. Second, I‘ad to research reliability and upcoming release dates for products. 
6. (same) Third, I researched problems within each company.
7. (same) These problems show points uvvulnerability.
8. (same) In this diagram, I show the parallels in data.
9. (same) My purpose was to present the most clear statistics.
10. (same) The margin for error is less than 10%.
11. Now I invid’everyone to participate and offer their perspectives.
12. Let’s‘ave an energetic discussion and gain some novel ideas.

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