W and QU Sounds Diagram and Explanation

The W Sounds

The W Sound: Make this sound by moving your lips forward and outward. There is a lot of facial movement with this sound. Actors and singers often use vocal exercises that include W because it helps to relax the face. When the face is relaxed, sounds are more open and clear. 

Note: Many people have difficulty with the words wood and would (which sound the same). To say these words, you need a strong W, so exaggerate the movement. 

W Spellings

The W sound is spelled with only W and with WH (the H is silent) as in what and where. An exception is who in which the W is silent. The OW spelling also makes two vowel sounds, as in down and snow. Learn more about these in the under O Sounds.

The QU Sound

QU = KW: The QU spelling sounds like KW. Make the K sound and then use the W sound as described above. There are definitely two sounds, so do not skip the W. QU always sounds like KW at the beginning and in the middle of words, as in quickly and adequate. At the end of words, you will sometimes see the -que ending, which sounds like K, as in unique and plaque. Very rarely, a word ends in only Q, which sounds like K, as in Iraq.
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