F, V, and TH Sounds: Formal Word Stress in Sentences

Rule 1: Use “the” for a singular noun that has already been mentioned or known due to regular use or the context. 
Examples: I saw a birdThe bird was flying in the sky.
At the office, I dropped my phone on the floor. the office= known through regular use the floor = all offices have floors
Rule 2: Use “the” with plural nouns.
Rule 3: When describing possession of an abstract quality with “to have” plus a noun, use “the.”
He has the willpower necessary to succeed.

Memorize set phrases. Some prepositions add a particular meaning to a word, and these have to be memorized. 
* In sentence 10, we see “advice on” and “investment in.” We can also say “advice about.”

Use “for” to show purpose–for the purpose of.
Use “of” to show a relationship or possession.

Use “to” when connecting two verbs.
Financial Analyst

1. Valerie is our new financial analyst.
2. Currently, she is reviewing our overhead and revenue.
3. People say that she is thorough and authentic. 
4. She uses the numbers to vividly show growth potential.
5. She works with the team that analyzes threats.
6. Together, they create hypothetical methods for financial recovery
7. She has the authority to question the ethics of senior management
8. If some of them are expensing too many things, they may be unnerved by her resolve.
9. But we all know that the company needs her methodical approach.
10. I plan to ask her advice on investment in the market.
Quiz on Articles

Choose which rule applies to each article.

1. the numbers
2. the team
3. the authority
4. the ethics
5. the company

Answer the questions to practice using these prepositions.

1. In your profession what statistics or data do you use to show 
results of research or effectiveness of projects?
2. What is one difficult thing that you do sometimes? What or whom do you do it for
3. How do you think the ethics of the youth are similar or different from the ethics of the elderly?
4. If you are unnerved you feel a lack of strength or courage. Can you think of a time when you were unnerved by a person, an event or some shocking news?
5. What is one thing you plan to ask your friend or coworker? 
6. Is there a person in your life who gives you advice on
 a certain topic? For example, your mother might give you advice on parenting.
7. What do you like to invest in? You can invest in stocks or you can also invest in your own improvement or your child’s future. 
Articles answers
1. rule 1, 2. rule 1, 3. rule 3, 4. rule 2, 5. rule 1
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