Word Stress in Sentences Formal

T Sounds: Formal Word Stress in Sentences

As you repeat the following sentences, practice the main techniques of word stress:
– stress important words
– reduce small words
– speak in phrases and pause between phrases
– let words flow together

Use the video to listen and repeat.
Planning the Day 

1. I have an important meeting at 8:00 AM.
2. There are ten line items on the agenda. 
3. The team that is monitoring customer data will identify positive and negative points. 
4. Our team is presenting a strategy for dealing with threatening, competitive companies. 
5. Our meeting will be live on the internet, and some coworkers in other countries will participate virtually.
6. In the afternoon, I plan to venture out of the office and get a salad at a nearby cafe. 
7. During lunch, I’ll scrutinize my notes and highlight fundamental objectives or procedures. 
8. From 2:00 to 5:00, our team will develop the subtle points of our strategy.
9. After work, there’s a big going away party for my coworker.
10. After twenty years of work, he was known as a fixture at the company.*
11. I’ll know five or six people, but most people will be acquaintances.
12. Actually, it’ll be a good chance to network with a lot of enterprising people.

*in the word twenty, the second T is usually silent, even in formal speech
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