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T Sounds: Casual Word Stress in Sentences

Here we will practice the same sentences as before. We will see how they change for casual situations such as talking to a regular coworker or a friend.  When speaking this way, you will use less stress, pause less often and let the words flow together more. 

When you see “same,” this means that there are no extra points of casual English in the sentence. In other sentences, the extra points are shown. These are:

– H in Have can be dropped
– Connect “are” to the noun that comes before it
– Will is reduced to a contraction
– In “plan to” the T becomes a D 
– In “2:00 to 5:00” the T becomes a D
– “Our” sounds like “ar”
Planning the Day 

1. I ‘av an important meeting at 8:00 AM.
2. There’re ten line items on the agenda.
3. The team that’s monitoring customer data’ll identify positive and negative points.
4. Our team’s presenting a strategy for dealing with threatening, competitive companies. 
5. Our meeting‘ll be live on the internet and some coworkers in other countries’ll participate virtually.
6. In the afternoon, I plan’d’venture out of the office and get a salad at a nearby cafe.
7. (same) During lunch, I’ll scrutinize my notes and highlight fundamental objectives or procedures. 
8. From two d’five, ar team‘ll develop the subtle points of ar strategy
9. (same) After work, there’s a big going away party for my coworker.
10. (same) After twenty years of work, he was known as a fixture at the company.
11. I’ll know five or six people, but most people‘ll be acquaintances.
12. (same) Actually, it’ll be a good chance to network with a lot of enterprising people.
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