T Sounds Supplement: Practice with Articles

Article Rules for this Exercise

Rule 1: Do not use “the” with the names of universities or colleges unless “of” is in the name, as in “the university of _________.”

Example: My friend completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Montana and her graduate studies at Stanford University. 
He just transferred from North Seattle Community College to the University of Washington.
Rule 2: Do not use an article before a country unless the country name contains united, union, kingdom, or republic; this includes acronyms like the U.K. or the U.S.

We recently visited France and the U.K.
We have lived in the United States for 5 years but haven’t visited New York yet.
Rule 3: Do not use “the” with a comparative phrase when the noun is a type of person, e.g., writer, singer, soccer play, etc. Use “a” for singular nouns and 0 for plurals.

He is a better writer than I am.
They are more serious students than we are.
Choose a, an, the, or 0 (nothing) for each blank. The answers are below.

1. Our son applied to several local schools, including ______, the University of Washington, ______ Seattle University, and ______ North Seattle Community College.
2. However, he was also interested in studying somewhere in _______ E.U. or possibly in ______ Japan. 
3. I would rather he stay in ______ America, but he has noted that he needs new experiences.
4. He is ____ more motivated fundraiser than I was and has applied for many scholarships.
5. Universities abroad seem more exciting to him than _____ universities here.

In the sentences above, which words have T sound changes?
Also, can you find T sound changes in the Article Rules for this Exercise?

The answers are below.

Speaking Questions

1. What universities and colleges are in your area? Which ones are the best? Which are the worst?
2. What countries have you visited? What countries would you like to visit in the future?
3. What do you think of the U.S. this year?
4. Think of a relative or friend and describe how this person is a better ________ than you. Use a noun in the blank, such as basketball player, programmer, researcher, worker, etc.
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