Who Benefits

Who Benefits from This Course

This course is designed for both international professionals as well as Americans. By focusing on one sound group at a time, but including work on stress in each lesson, the course benefits speakers at many levels.

International Professionals

Many international professionals need to lessen their accents in order to effectively communicate, especially when speaking with people who are not part of the daily work environment. Regular coworkers can adjust to an accent, but in professions that require contact with clients, continuous networking or frequent public presentations, clear speech is certainly an asset. Though every language is different, the major sounds covered in this course will be useful for most students. The sounds covered during each lesson are inclued in lesson-titles, and students are encouraged to move forward and backward in the lesson order to achieve maximum results. Because stress can be one of the hardest points of pronunciation, this class combines the teaching of both sounds and stress in every lesson.

American Professionals

Americans who have spent their careers networking or managing teams will not need this course. However, many people feel concerned about their speech if they transition out of a career that required very little communication into one that necessitates great speaking skills. Americans learn phonics when they are between 3 and 8 years of age. Once this knowledge is gained, the basic rules are usually forgotten. A refresher course in fundamental sounds can allow anyone to feel much more confident when speaking publically. Also, some Americans come from regions with heavy dialects, and these can benefit by developing the standard form of American English. 

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