Pronunciation of Vowels

The vowels include the letters  A, E, I, O and U. Here, they are listed according to the position within the mouth.
Click on the letters to view a video with each pronunciation group.
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Short A Short O/Open A Long IFor all of these sounds, move the jaw. The mouth is very open.
For Short A, the lips are pulled back and the throat is a little tight.
Short O and Open A are the same sound. The jaw is open and the lips are relaxed.
Long I begins with an open jaw and ends with a Long E sound.
A Sounds
O Sounds
I Sounds
Long A Long EFor these sounds, the lips are wide.
For Long A, the mouth is more open, like a rectangle.
For Long E, the mouth is less open, and the lips are tightly in the wide position.
A Sounds
E Sounds
Long U Y + Long U Relazed UFor the Long U sounds, the lips are pressed forward.
The sound can be the simple Long U as in reduce.
Or there can be a Y sound before the U, as in music.
For the relaxed U sound, the inside of the mouth is slightly rounded.
The lips are not pressed forward for the relaxed U.
U Sounds
Long OThe lips are forward in a loose O shape.O Sounds
Short E Short I
Short U (Schwa)
These three sounds are similar, and they are made inside the mouth.
For Short E, the jaw is a little bit more open.
For Short I, think about a low pitch. 
Use a completely relaxed position for the Schwa sound and let the air out.
This is the simplest sound you can make.
E Sounds
I Sounds
ER IR UR AR ER IRE OR UREER, IR and UR usually have a Schwa + R sound.
Because the schwa is simple, this will sound like R only.
AR can have an Open A or a Long A sound. As an ending, the A is a schwa.
ER at the beginning or middle may have a Long E sound. 
It may also have a short E sound as in error (very similar to Long AR).
Pronounce IRE and URE with Long I and Long U sounds.
OR has a Long O sound. As an ending, the O is a schwa.
Schwa with R
AR and OR
AL EL LEAs endings, AL, EL, and LE have a schwa + L sound, ul.
AL, EL, and LE will have regular A and E sounds at the beginning of words.
Schwa with L
OI/OYMove from Long O to Long E.OI, OU, OW
OU/OWMove from Short A to Long O. See lesson 11 for other OU and OW sounds.OI, OU, OW
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