Pronunciation Practice

Here are a few tips:

Speak aloud

Use repetition

Read aloud

Listen to videos and audio books

Speak aloud

This sounds obvious, but I know that life can be busy and it is not always easy to find a quiet, private room for practicing. However, it is definitely necessary to speak aloud during pronunciation practice. If you do not, you will be changing the way you think about sounds, but you will not be changing the ways that you move your mouth, tongue and jaw. 

Use repetition

Changing your pronunciation is a physical activity, and for this reason, repetition is never a waste of time. Just as you need to lift weights every day if you want to strengthen your muscles, you need to repeat words multiple times in order to change the way you pronounce them. Do not think about doing the lessons in the 750 Business Words course just one time. Plan to work through them two or three times. Repetition is essential!

Read aloud

Another way to supplement your training is to read aloud from any book. As you do this, you will start to ask yourself how Americans would pronounce some of the words in your text, and the simple act of doing this increases your awareness and understanding. 

Listen to Videos and Books

Lastly, supplement your training by using videos and audio books. Audio books can be a great resource because the readers will speak a little slower than people often do during conversations. And as readers, they usually have consistent pronunciation. Just be a little careful: avoid readers with a strong dialect, such as a heavy New York accent or a strong Southern accent.

Use these four tips to help you practice!

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