Lessons in the Course

Understanding the Lessons in the Course

In every lesson, you will find four parts:Diagram
Word lists
Word Stress Formal
Word Stress Casual

If you want to pre and post-test yourself on every lesson, start by clicking on the Word Stress Formal page. This will provide you with a set of sentences, and you can record yourself speaking these sentences as your pre-test. 

Next, or if you are skipping the pre-test step, go to the Diagram page. Here you will find diagrams and written rules about pronunciation patterns. Read through this information. Please do not worry about memorizing rules, but instead, read through normally, and review these pages later as necessary. Remember that repetition is key when you are changing physical habits. 

From here, move on to the Word Lists page. You will find words in tables arranged according to syllable stress. Start by listening and repeating using the video. Then try speaking the useful words in phrases related to your everyday life. This step will greatly assist you in truly speaking with improved pronunciation during your workdays.

After this, go to the Word Stress Formal page and speak the sentences here at least two times. On the first attempt, just concentrate on the sounds of words. On the second attempt, concentrate on intonation: stressing words, pausing between phrases, and letting words flow within phrases.

Now, if you did a pre-test, you can do a post-test on these sentences.

Lastly, go to the Word Stress Casual page if you are interested in this final point of fluency. On this page, you will find the same sentences marked with the extra sound changes that naturally occur for Americans when we are speaking quickly and casually. This section is optional. Use it if you have the goal of sounding like a native speaker.

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