Common Questions

Common Questions about Pronunciation Training

1. Can I actually change the way I speak? Yes! I have taught English language skills for 20 years and pronunciation skills specifically for about twelve years, and I have worked with professionals from many different countries. All of the students who studied for at least three months reported increased confidence in their speaking abilities and positive feedback from family, friends or co-workers.

2. How often should I evaluate myself? If you are very results-oriented, you might give yourself pre-and post-tests on every sound. In the 750 Business Words course, click on a lesson. Then click on Word Stress Formal. Record yourself reading these sentences aloud as your pre-test. Afterward, start the lesson from the diagram page, then the words, and then try those sentences again. 

On a larger scale, I recommend assessing your pronunciation about every three months. If you are a busy person with a career and a family, you will probably have about 20-30 minutes a day for practice. Studying for three months gives you time to complete about one lesson a week. Overall, even with hard lessons and vacation time, you will be able to complete about 10 lessons in three months. Gaining advanced skills in this many sounds will certainly change your speech. 

3. How long does it take to change my speech? In my experience, most people see significant change at about the 3-month point. Much sooner, people are learning and advancing in their skills, but it does take some time before you begin speaking spontaneously with new sounds. In spontaneous situations, there are many language factors: what to say, which word order to choose�everything! So it does take some time before your mind can factor in pronunciation sounds. At the 3-month point, most people feel that they are actually speaking in everyday life with improved pronunciation and confidence. 

Overall, please be patient with yourself. You speak every day and your old habits will be strong and will take time to change. Focus on consistent, regular practice, and you will achieve results.

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