Word Stress in Sentences Casual

Y Sounds: Casual Word Stress in Sentences

Here we will practice the same sentences but more casually. When speaking this way, you will use less stress, pause less often and let the words flow together more. 

When you see “same,” this means that there are no extra points of casual English in the sentence. In other sentences, the extra points are shown. A point in this lesson is:

* identify = idenify — this is optional in formal speech, but definitely drop the T for casual speech

Reward for Excellence

1. Ar team‘s receiving an award for excellence from the company.
2. They idenified several points in which we excel.
3. Ar quarterly results show thet we’ave the highest level in the industry.
4. (same) We apply the latest technology tools.
5. Other teams rely on ar veracity and integrity.
6. When we’re between projects, we take on voluntary assignments.
7. (same) We show generosity and humanity when dealing with others.
8. (same) Yay! It’s been a great year!
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