Accent Training with Thoughts

English Pronunciation: Choose Your Thoughts

One Method of Learning Pronunciation

Remembering pronunciation rules when you are in the middle of a conversation with another person is difficult. Usually, you are thinking of what to say, not how to pronounce it. If this is true for you, start by applying pronunciation rules to your thoughts. Follow these steps:

1) Choose something you do every day or most days.

2) Write some sentences that are similar to what you think at these times. Of course, you may not “think in sentences,” but the sentences will help you gain more words and practice speaking with stress.

3) Get a teacher to give you the correct pronunciation of your sentences.

4) If you need to improve one or more sounds, such as R, TH, or A, use the 500-word lists to improve the sounds.

5) Repeat your recordings regularly. When you can pronounce your first sentences correctly, get recordings of more sentences.


Here are a few examples of sentences I like to study when learning the pronunciation of a new language.

I need to open the window. I need to close the window.

That’s a beautiful tree. The branches are moving in the wind.

I am always opening the window to get fresh air. I also like to take walks, and I notice trees. Think about things you do and thoughts you have. Put them into sentences and use them to help you move forward in pronunciation training.

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