About Speak Method

Speak Method provides high-quality, affordable English training to international students and professionals.

We believe that language learning requires practice and commitment, and we have packages to fit every budget.

  • the new 750 Business Words online class
  • basic English classes with monthly payments
  • premium English classes with hourly payments
  • new member-only pages and videos
  • free practice pages and videos

Our mission is to guide our students and online users to the attainment of their English language goals.
We strive to provide practice pages and classes that truly work!

More Accent Facts

Learn the American Accent
What is Standard American?
Prepare to Speak: Warm-up
Articulation: Speak Clearly
Student Questions

More Accent Facts

How to Change Your Speech
Chart of English Language Accents
Choosing Your Voice
Milestones in Pronunciation
Pronunciation Facts

Speakmethod.com: Learn English Pronunciation and Grammar
Speak Method is part of, I.E., Tutoring, which holds the copyright to all materials on this site.

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