English Class Packages

Get everything you need to truly advance in your English skills. Your customized training includes:

  • Pre and post assessments. We get data-driven results! Meet for 15 minutes with the instructor and answer simple questions about your work and hobbies. View our case studies here.
  • Online English Courses. Any course needed for your training is free for your use during your training time.
  • One-to-one classes with a tutor. This is key! You need feedback and focused, regular training to improve your speech.
  • Group trainings too! When you buy a class package, you get access to any group training class. Increase your training time, meet other people who are improving their speech and get your questions answered!
  • Bonus classes for new students! After you buy your first package, you get 2 extra hours so that you can meet more than one tutor and choose the person who is the best fit for you.

English Training Option 1

Get a pre-assessment, 8 classes with an instructor and a post-assessment. Take classes once a week. Use your online course to practice between classes and get access to weekly group classes. With both one-to-one and group classes, you can get about 16 hours of focused training.


English Training Option 2

Get a pre-assessment, 16 one-to-one classes with the instructor and a post-assessment. Take classes twice a week. Use your online courses to practice between classes and join weekly group classes if you would like. With both group and one-to-one classes, you can get about 24 hours of focused training.


Monthly Payment Options

Need to pay less per month? No problem! Just check out the pay-by-month options here. You can buy the classes in either 2 or 3 monthly installments starting at $165 a month for 3 months for Option 1. When the pre and post assessments are included, our packages take about 10 weeks and for most people it stretches to 3 months with vacation days.

Referral Program

Get a FREE class when you refer your friend. You get your free class when your friend buys a package and mentions your name. We have had students get complete packages for free this way, and one student even took free classes for a year with one pinned social media post!

Invoices for Reimbursements

We use PayPal to accept payments, and all credit cards are accepted on their platform. You will receive a receipt automatically. If you need an invoice from us to submit to your company for reimbursement, just let us know. That’s no problem!

Terms and Conditions

Please know that when you buy classes, you are agreeing to the following terms.

Both Option 1 and Option 2 are for working with any tutor except Erica Rosi who charges a higher rate for working directly with students. If you wish to upgrade your package to work with her directly, please email for a quote and details on paying the difference. All students do get access to working with Erica via the group trainings that are included in both packages.

Classes must be used within 4 months of your purchase date. After that point, unused classes will not be refunded. If you need an exception due to a long vacation, for example during the winter or summer holidays, please email your instructor with this request to get written confirmation of your exception. Please know that if your instructor takes a vacation, that will automatically extend your time. For example, if your instructor takes a 2-week vacation, you will have 4.5 months to complete your package.

You will be invited to attend 8-10 group classes (10 for new students, 8 for ongoing students). After that, your group class option will expire.

We do not offer refunds on classes. Please use our free consultations or attend a group training to get to know us before buying a package. If you want to buy fewer classes to try them out, let us know, and we can invoice you for a smaller amount.

To cancel or reschedule classes with an instructor, you must provide 24 hours notice. Otherwise, the missed class will count as part of your package.

We appreciate your business!