American English Master Classes with Erica

Erica Rosi has been teaching English language fluency skills to professionals for over 20 years. She works with professionals at top companies like Google and Amazon. She focuses on achieving measurable, data-driven results in spoken English enhancement.

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Every Master Class Includes…

Q and A

Get your questions answered! With her extensive experience, Erica can answer your questions on how to improve your spoken English and advance your fluency.


After the Q and A, Erica focuses the Master Class on one sound or set of sounds using our new Advanced Vocabulary words. At times, she will focus on a grammar topic like the present perfect tense. These group classes are a great supplement to your one-to-one training with tutors.

Real Results

Erica has worked with professionals from every continent, over 40 countries in total! In her trainings, you will receive practical advice to truly clarify your speech. In competitive work environments, it’s smart to have an edge over competitors. Erica aims to give all of her students a significant competitive edge.

“Great trainings! Erica’s knowledge on how to teach spoken English is profound.”

–Sonia, translator

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