Great words/phrases for Exercising

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

work outHow often do you work out? What is your usual workout routine?
warm-upWhat do you do to warm-up for a successful workout? How long is your warm-up?
cool down Do you have tactics that help you cool down?
push yourselfWhat do you do to push yourself?
fit What is your best tip to stay fit?
PR When was the last time you accomplished your PR?
reps How many reps do you recommend when doing a leg exercise? Is this amount different than with arms?
joggingHow often do you go jogging? Do you wish you jogged more?
gym Do you like going to the gym or prefer a home gym?
setsHow many sets do you usually do when doing an exercise?
sore Do you feel you often get sore after a workout?
gear What is your preferred gear for working out?
willpower How does willpower affect your frequency of working out/training?
enduranceHow would you say your endurance is when running or any other cardio-required workout?
toningDo you work out because you are toning your body? Or for a different reason
stretch How important is it to stretch before and after a workout?

Success! You're on the list.

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