Describing all kinds of personalities

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

pickyDescribe someone picky. Is it hard to spend time with that person or buy things for them?
niceWhat is something someone did for you solely because they are nice?
brave Who is a brave person you know? What makes them brave to you?
funnyDescribe someone you work with that is funny. What does this person say/ How does this person act that makes them funny to you?
cowardlyWho is the most cowardly person you know? Have you ever spoken to them about this characteristic? What was their response?
sillyDo you think it can be beneficial to have a silly personality?
chattyDo you work with a chatty person, or do you have a chatty person in your friend group? How is your experience with this person? Are they a delight to be around or a bit annoying?
vainDescribe someone you know that is vain. How does this affect the relationship?, Do you think it makes it hard for this person to understand your feelings?
easy-going How could an easy-going personality be beneficial? Would you describe your personality as easy-going?
humble What positives and negatives do you think can come from someone with a humble personality?
honestDescribe someone who can be too honest. Have they ever told you the hard truth?
generousWho is the most generous person you know? What are some of the generous things they have done for you or someone else?
lazyDescribe someone you work with or live with that is lazy. Why do you think this person is lazy? have you spoken with this person about it? What was their excuse?
selfish Who is the most selfish person you know? Describe someone of their selfish tendencies.
rudeDo you think people are just rude all the time, or do you think it’s just because they are going through something?
loudWho is someone you know that is loud? Is it just their natural voice, or do they like to be the main person being listened to?
serious Is your boss a serious person? Is it intimidating, or does it make you feel at ease?
shyWhat things/events do you think someone shy might miss or not be open to attending?
hard-working Describe someone hard-working. How do they inspire you?

More words (Advanced)

courteousWould you say you are a courteous person? Does this apply even to debates or discussions?
placidDescribe someone who is placid. Does this person’s personality affect you in any way?
amicableWho is someone you would describe as an amicable person? What are some of the characteristics that show this personality?
aloofIs there someone upon the first introduction you thought they were aloof, but with further communication, you changed your first impression? Or did your opinion stay the same?
versatileWould you describe yourself as a versatile person? Why or why not? If not, do you wish to be more versatile?

Success! You're on the list.

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