Great words to describe the Weather

Practice using the words below with the speaking questions.

sunnyWhat is your favorite activity to do on a sunny day?
stormyDo you make any special arrangements when it’s going to be a stormy day?
hotDo you usually feel hot even if the air conditioning is on?
cold Are you a fan of cold weather? What do you like about the cold?
rainy What is one thing you should leave the house with on a rainy day? Can you think of something else?
humid Where was the most humid place you have been? How did it feel?
cloudy Do cloudy days affect your mood? Is it positive or negative?
snowy Have you ever had a snowy day where you had to shovel snow off something? Or have you ever slipped/tripped on snow?
scorchingWhat is one thing that could make a scorching day a little less awful?
windyHow do you usually dress on windy days?
heatwave Have you ever experienced a heatwave? Describe that time in some detail. How do you think that experience would be if you haven’t from your knowledge?
foggy What has been your experience with foggy weather? Does it make it interesting to drive or scary?
pleasantHow do you like to spend days when the weather is pleasant?
bleakHave you ever had plans but had to change them due to the bleak weather?
clearHow do you like spending clear sky days?
gusty Have you ever experienced gusty weather at the beach? Were you still able to have a good time?
crisp What is one thing you wouldn’t want to have to do on a crisp morning?
murkyHave you ever had to drive to work or some other location on a murky day? How was that experience?

More words (Advanced)

gloomyHow do you like to spend a gloomy weather day? Does the weather have any effect on you?
frigidWhy do you think bringing the proper clothing on a frigid day is essential?
overcastHave you ever planned a day where the weather was supposed to be clear, but overcast appeared out of nowhere? How did you work around that situation?
balmyDo you think it’s wise to go to the beach on a balmy day? Why
mistyDo you think it would be easy to drive on a misty day? Why? If not, How could you work around this weather?

Success! You're on the list.

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